About Us

Maximum Care is one of the leading medical care services centers in Istanbul. We provide medical services to all foreign patients from all over the world.

Maximum Care services Dental CosmeticsCosmetic SurgeriesGastric SurgeriesHair TransplantationInjection Treatments performed according to the highest standards

About Us

Our medical teams are among the best in Turkey who have tens of years of experience and can perform simple and complicated procedures skillfully.

Maximum Care is the link between the foreign patients, who decide to come to Istanbul, and their doctors.

Our teams work 24/7 to provide our international patients with the information they need undergo the healthiest and most effective treatment.

We value the privacy of all of our patients through a strict privacy policy that everyone in Maximum Care abides by.

Our clinics and hospitals are among the best in Turkey, operate with the newest techniques and types of equipment, have universal sterilization systems, and are internationally certified.

We provide the widest range of medical treatments that help our patients overcome their physical ailments and restore their youth.

Our range of treatments includes plastic surgeries, gastric surgeries, hair restoration for both men and women, dental treatments, and all other treatments that a foreign patient may look for in Istanbul.

We provide services that cover all different aspects of treatments starting from the preliminary consultations, providing our patients with before and after procedure details, we accompany our patients in their appointments either for the consultations with their doctors or even during the procedure.

We continue to assist our patients after they receive their treatments through constant follow-ups to ensure they have all the instructions to get the best results possible.

We strive to match the expectations of our patients and work relentlessly to achieve this goal by providing the best medical and logistic services that make the treatment journey in Istanbul both joyful and free from any complications.

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