Non-Surgical Cosmetics

Non-surgical cosmetics are among the most popular treatments nowadays as it does not require patients to go under the knife or have invasive surgerıes to reshape their faces or any other body parts.

Non-surgical cosmetics have many different types including:

1- Non-surgical Nose Jobs

This non-surgical cosmetic treatment may be among the most popular treatments that have instant results. The procedure does not take a long time and can be done in the clinic without a need for an operating room. Local anesthesia is applied to the nose, then the doctor injects fillers to contour the nose. The results of this treatment are not permanent and do not affect the size of the nose, i.e. make it smaller.

2- Lip injections

reshape a patient’s entire face. Patients should express their desired results to the doctor to plan the treatment according to the patient’s desire. Patients usually resume their daily activities immediately after receiving this treatment where local anesthesia is applied.

3- Botox

This treatment is also popular and known for achieving instant results. The main function of this treatment is to relax the facial muscles and create a more refreshed look. This treatment does not require much time and the results are instant and last for a couple of months. This treatment is applied to the forehead, around the eyes, to soften the laugh line, and in some cases, botox is applied under the armpits to control sweating.

4- Mesotherapy

This treatment has many different purposes and is applied to treat different problems whether facial, hair loss treatments, skin, or cellulite. There are different materials that doctors use in this treatment such as vitamins, enzymes, and hormones among others.

5- PRP Palatal- Rich Plasma

This treatment mimics the wound healing process that the body uses to heal itself by activating plasma production. The treatment has three steps it starts by drawing blood, processing it, and then injecting it in the area that needs to be treated. PRP is applied to the face, scalp, and other areas in the body. As far as the results are concerned they may not be instant as is the case when it comes to botox and filler treatments.

In some cases, PRP treatments are used to activate the healing process in wounds and burns.

These are a handful of non-surgical treatments that we offer our patients at Maximum Care. If you are looking for other treatments do not hesitate to contact us now

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Wrinkles between the eyebrows, wrinkles around the eyes, and the lines in the forehead.

Natural results depend on the material the doctor uses and his or her skill and experience

Unfortunately no, these procedures grant patients with satisfactory but temporary results. For permanent results patients usually choose surgical options.

It depends on many different factors, but usually, the results last for 3-6 months, and dermal fillers last longer than botox.

Studies show that botox and fillers when used in low but effective doses do not cause any harm.

Fillers last longer than Botox, but whichever treatment the patient chooses it is temporary and will at some point need touch ups.

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I came to Istanbul to have a rhinoplasty and I was lucky to deal with Maximum Care!
Their communication was instant and the medical information was very clear to me.
The hospital was so clean and the staff was very nice to me, and all instructions after the operation were explained to me before and after the operation.

Hala, USA

I highly recommend Maximum Care for anyone looking for liposuction surgery. They are doing an amazing job, all the teams, my medical advisor, the doctor who speaks very good English, the medical team, the planning team who was always on time. All in all, it was a very good experience and I have a very good result.

John, UK

I was looking for a clinic to have a facelift operation in Istanbul, I was lucky enough to contact Maximum Care and get my operation with them. They gave me detailed information about my treatment and the cost was very clear from the very beginning. The staff was nice and the operation went very smoothly and the result was amazing.

Iman, Lebanon

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