Treatment Journey

With Maximum Care for international medical services in Turkey, teams work around the clock to maintain a very high quality of service from the moment you decide to contact us until you have the results you have always wanted.

Step 1
Free Medical Consultation

You can contact us via our different platforms including our website, social media pages, or directly through WhatsApp. Our medical consultants will send your information to the treating doctor and get back to you with all the details that are related to your treatment including the procedure, the cost, the required time of you in Istanbul to receive the treatment, in addition to all the information you may need.

Step 2
Confirmation Contract

After explaining all the information related to your treatment your medical consultant will send you a confirmation contract that includes all the details of your treatment to confirm the treatment plan with you and to include all the services that you wish us to provide you with including but not limited to accommodations, tours in Istanbul and other services you may request. This contract explains everything related to when where and how much our services will be done and cost.

Step 3
Arriving in Maximum Care

We will accompany you every step of the way, our planning team will contact you to arrange for meeting you at the airport, driving you to your hotel or the hospital depending on your schedule and treatment plan. We will be responsible for your transportation to and from the hospital, our translators and medical consultants will accompany you from the moment you walk into the hospital to the moment when you leave.

Step 4
Treatment Day

On your treatment day, you will be accompanied by one of our medical consultants from the moment you arrive in the hospital, your consultant will explain to you everything that going to happen during this day and the coming days. Depending on the treatment you are going to receive you are either going to spend a couple of days in the hospital or your can return to your hotel to rest. After any treatment, we will provide you with the instructions to follow after the procedure.

Step 5
Follow Up

We dedicate a medical consultant to follow up with you and form a link between you and your treating doctor after the procedure. Their main task is to provide you with pieces of advice and post-operation instructions that your doctor gives according to your progress and recovery. Our follow-up team stays in touch with you from the very beginning of receiving your treatment until you get your final result. 

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