Maximum Care Privacy Policy
According to the laws in force in the Republic of Turkey, Maximum Care is committed to the policies of maintaining the confidentiality of patient information and data that they provide to us either via the internet, in the hospital or through any other means.

Information and data we collect
Our team collects the following data in order for our customers to obtain the services that we provide to them to the fullest extent, either medical, logistic or any other services we provide.
Personal data, including name, phone number, contact information, nationality, country of residence, age, passport photos or any other personal documents.
Medical data, which include medical and patient history, as well as all medical information related to the treatment or service we provide to you.
Audio and video recordings that are sent by you or that we photograph in the event that you obtain medical advice, treatment or any other service from our part.
Financial data, which includes bank or bank card information and bills.

Sharing data with a third party
Maximum Care does not share the data obtained from the customer in any way with any third party and does not sell this data to any third party without your consent.
In accordance with the terms of this policy, we may use your data for promotional purposes in connection with our current and future services and offers by sending this information using e-mail.

Change the privacy policy
In the event of any change to Maximum Care’s privacy policy, the changes will appear on this page.

Contact us
If you have any questions regarding the terms of our privacy policy, you can contact us through the following media:
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