Hair Loss in Men: Reasons and Treatments

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Hair loss in men can happen due to several reasons including genetic and hormonal reasons. Many treatments can prevent hair loss and reverse it, all these treatments should be advised by specialists. 

Reasons for Hair Loss in Men

There are many reasons for hair loss in men, these reasons may be genetic, related to a disease, or accidents.

  1. Genetic Hair Loss

Most men suffer from genetic alopecia, it is when men lose their hair due to the genetic factor and is referred to as either androgenic alopecia or male-pattern baldness. This type of hair loss is also common among women.

The pattern of hair loss differs from one case to another, and it starts to appear and progress at different rates, some start losing their hair at an early age and others at older ages.

  • Burns and scars

In some cases of burns and scars either on the head or face patients seek hair transplantation operations to restore hair in these scars. Unfortunately, in many of these cases, hair transplantation may not be the solution. Scar tissues have less blood circulation which negatively affects hair growth.

  •  Stress

Stress can cause many physical problems including hair loss. The stress that can result in temporary hair loss could be due to emotional shock or distress, physical trauma caused by an illness or surgery.

  • Alopecia Areata

This is one of the hair losses types that happens when the immune system starts attacking hair follicles. It may appear in small patches and develop into bigger batches. This type of hair loss is usually treated using treatments like minoxidil and steroid injections among other medical treatments. Some patients are candidates for hair transplantation after 5 years of remission.

  • Excessive Grooming

Wearing hair in a ponytail may result in tractional alopecia, which usually shows in a receding hairline. Using chemical or hot hair treatments may cause damage to hair follicles as well.

What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a hair restoration medical procedure. The procedure includes removing healthy hair grafts from the donor areas to implant in the recipient areas.

This procedure is performed using many different techniques which the treating technician and the patient can decide on according to the needs and expectations of the patient and the availability of the donor area. Hair transplantation is the answer to many hair loss problems especially in cases where it is genetic.

Hair transplantation may not be the answer to all hair loss problems. In some cases, oral or topical treatments are enough to solve the problem. Patients who suffer from hair loss should consult a specialist to know exactly which treatment is most suitable for their case.

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